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Close Racing!

By: Aaron Roed
November 15, 2016

11 racers tried their luck on the Twister this past Friday night, as everyone wants to make sure there is no rust on the trigger finger for the upcoming series opener happening THIS weekend at 1pm.

Jim Nelson took the win in the amateur class ahead of Dan Parris, and Fon Guiher. The car count in the amateur division has been a little light lately, partially due to some really good racers moving up to the expert class. Hopefully Gene and Leo can make it back soon, as we all miss having those 2 guys around for some racin.

The expert class was, as usual, extremely competitive this week. It felt like 3 different guys had the fastest cars at different times during the race. With the outcome not decided until the final 10 seconds of the race, look for more of the same this week.

First Win For Fred Klinger!!

By: Aaron Roed
November 9, 2016

Congrats to Fred Klinger picking up his first win with the expert group in the Friday night Nascar race. Fred had the lead by a very slim margin heading into the final segment with Bill Clemans right on his tail. Bill is about the last guy you want trying to run you down at the end of a race, but Fred was able to keep Bill behind him and win the race. I guess now instead of calling him “Fast Freddie”, a more deserving nickname would be “First Place Freddie.” Look for Fred to be in the mix again this week for the win as we all get ready for the series opener happening Nov. 19th at 1pm.

2016 Rulebook Updates

By: jradford
November 5, 2016

The PNW AMCA Rulebook has been updated for the 2016 Season. Most notably are body change rules with the addition of 2 new GTP (High Downforce) Bodies to replace the unavailable options previously from Outisight. We will continue to allow the Bentlee to run through this season and remove them from the legal list at the conclusion of the season.

We will also be allowing the current ISRA/USRA bodies in 1/32 and 1/24 Eurosport in addition to last seasons bodies.

The rulebook can be found here:

2016-17 Racing Series Opener November 19th

By: Aaron Roed
November 1, 2016

Series racing begins November 19th at 1pm. LMP, Group 10, GT12, and 1/24 ES will race on this day. After a long lay off, it will be fun for all of us to get back to some racing again. Jim also mentioned that from time to time a few other classes will be run as well.

Though not part of the series, the Friday night Nascar class offers some really good racing, and is a good warm up for Saturday’s racing adventures. Racing starts at 7pm on Friday nights.

Tim Burgess Dominates!

By: Aaron Roed
October 26, 2016

Master builder, and the producer of concours winning bodies from around the country picked up the win this past Friday night with the Nascar group. Known for helping out many different racers with their slot car needs, Timmy was TQ, led every segment, set fast time on each lane, and won the race. Ryan Guiher finished second.

Jim Alden made his monthly trip to the raceway successful as he won the amateur race ahead of Jim Nelson.

Racing continues this and every Friday night at 7pm.

Looking Ahead

By: Aaron Roed
October 6, 2016

Nascar racing on the Twister happens each and every Friday night at 7pm. Bench racing begins as early as 5pm, and the track is open for practice shortly after that. One of the many great things about this class is that there are racers of all skill levels that compete on Friday night. If you are just starting out with slot cars there are other racers doing the same. If you want the chance to race against some of the best slot car racers in the country, you have that as well.

Speaking of the best slot car racers in the country, the ISRA Worlds, held in Chicago begin on Oct. 7th, and last until Oct.15th. There are a number of our racers that will be a part of that event. Jim Radford, Lee Gilbert, and Rick Dodge I know for sure are going. I also think Mike Stahl, and Peter are going as well. Herman, and Rick Linn, along with some other guys that we get a chance to race with from time to time will be there as well. A simple search of ISRA Worlds should point you in the right direction if you want to follow their racing endeavors over the course of the next week.

Ryan Guiher Wins His First Expert Race!

By: Aaron Roed
September 15, 2016

With a thin field of just 8 racers this past Friday, the field was separated into an A main, B main format.

We did have a new racer this week Chad Morehouse. I was able to win the B main, followed by Gene Caldwell, and Jim Nelson. Both racers had a good tussle for second place.

Ryan led from start to finish, and picked up his first win with the expert group. Roman was second, and I think Timmy was third.

Grab your slot car box and come racing this Friday at 7pm. If anyone needs help getting their cars going, there are numerous people that would look forward to helping you out.

Ruiz Wins His First Expert Race!

By: Aaron Roed
September 5, 2016

As Summer comes to an end and a few more racers trickle back in every week, 11 racers treated themselves to some great Friday night Nascar action.

The amateur group had 5 entries this week, and Ryan Guiher would pretty much dominate this race on his way to setting a new distance record. I wasn’t there, but it is hard to believe that anyone in the amateur group has gone 286 laps, so I’m just going to call it a new distance record. Gene Caldwell was on his game as well, again having the highest Actual/Potential percentage of the race, but it’s pretty hard to win the race when the guy ahead of you is 3 tenths faster and running a very solid race. Gene puts a lot of effort into running clean, now he has to push even harder but still maintain his ability to keep the car on the track. Jim Nelson finished with a solid third place run, as his lap totals keep creeping higher and higher.

The expert group had 7 entries including Ryan who made a wise decision to try his luck with this group tonight.
Ryan jumped out to an early lead on Orange lane, but it wouldn’t last long as Friday night legend Dale Olive led segments 2-5. Roman was charging hard through the field from dead last to drive around the King and take the lead in the 6th segment. From there is was smooth sailing for the Wednesday night kids Womp Womp graduate as he would extend his lead to 6 laps at the end of the race. Ryan and Dale had a good battle for second, both finishing on the same lap, but Dale would hold onto that spot. Keep in mind Roman led for 23 minutes and 15 seconds the week before, so this kid is legit!

Racing resumes this Friday night at 7pm. Maybe were in for another first time winner as Fred Klinger is my pick to climb to the top of the podium very very soon.

Results From Saturday’s Enduro

By: Aaron Roed
August 24, 2016

For the first time in a couple years we ran a 6 hour enduro, 4 hours on the Bullring and 2 hours on the Twister. There was a lot of buzz about this race in the weeks leading up to it, and everyone I talked to really enjoyed this type of racing.

Teams were pretty evenly matched, and that made for some good racing on the track. Our team of Bowes/Burgess/myself all had quite a few laps on the Bullring from races in the past, and that enabled us to separate ourselves from the pack a bit. It also didn’t hurt that our car was bad fast thanks to Timmy. Also in contention at the end of 4 hours on the Bullring were the teams on Yarbrough/Bishop/Roberts, along with the Alden Bros/Strand. Every team fought through a little adversity during the first 4 hours.

As racing shifted to the Twister for the final 2 hours, we decided to make a pit stop at the start of racing for a set of smaller tires and to give the car a little love. The Yarbrough/Bishop/Roberts team ran really well on the Twister as did many of the other teams. Caldwell/Ruiz/Koenig really came alive, as did Nelson/Nelson/Radford. The Twister was really challenging with these cars that weighed 115 grams. You really had to drive these cars. Yarbrough/Bishop/Roberts won the Twister segment, and there were only 8 laps separating the top 3 teams.

Overall Results                                         Total Laps
1st Bowes/Burgess/Roed                           4,722
2nd Yarbrough/Bishop/Roberts                   4,529
3rd Alden Bros./Strand                                4,524
4th Sweeney/Olive/J. Nelson                      4,344                                                                    5th Radford/C.Nelson/M.Nelson                4,289                                                                     6th Ruiz/Caldwell/Koenig                            3,840


Enduro this Weekend!

By: Aaron Roed
August 15, 2016

The race that a lot of us have been looking forward to is this Saturday’s enduro starting at 1pm. Motors will be distributed starting at 10am on Saturday.

A full field of 8 teams of 3 have signed up, and there is even a small waiting list. Team racing seems to excite many people, now if there was only a class for team racing that we could add to our monthly race program (cough, cough).

What makes this race unique is that teams are matched pretty evenly. There are no dream teams, and there are no teams full of beginners. Every team has good chance of coming in second place to our team! It’s official, I’ve thrown the first stone!

Don’t forget, we are also racing this Friday night with the Nascar class. Last week we all saw Roman Ruiz break the distance record for the amateur group. Then the show off almost went on to win the expert race. Fred Klinger who set fast time in qualifying was very much in the thick of things, until a string from a rag used to clean the track wrapped itself around his axle. Look for both of these guys to be challenging for the win again this week.

Racing starts at 7pm on Friday, and Saturday at 1pm (motors at 10am)

Below please check out "YOU TUBE" videos of racing Gp 10 on the Twister plus Dan and Rob explaining some of the cars and classes we run.
In memory of our dear friend and fellow racer Rob McCuistion 1957 - 2012

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