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Nascar race recap 7-24

By: Aaron Roed
July 30, 2015



17 racers were on hand for the weekly Friday night Nascar races. A large field of 10 amateurs would start things off, and as usual there was lots of action on the track, and numerous changes for position throughout the race. Chris Alden would pace the field for the first 3 segments, with Mark Nelson right on his rear bumper. Keith Bare found himself right in the mix for a podium finish all race, as he seemed determined to have a solid finish. As the race progressed, Mark now the savvy veteran, used his fine tuned driving skills to work his way around Chris and take the win. Chris is knocking on the door for his first win, finishing second in this race. Jim Nelson would come home third, as Keith Bare’s car fell off the pace a little at the end.
In the eyes of the Big Kahuna, (and I think all of us agree) Mark Nelson has earned the status of expert driver now. Look for Mark to steadily work his way up to competing for podium finishes in the future, as he continues to fine tune his racing skills.
With Mark having moved up to the expert class, the amateur class is as wide open as its ever been. Can Chris Alden pick up his first win on Friday, or will contenders like Keith Bare, Jim Nelson, Gene Caldwell, or Jim Alden rise to the occasion. Lets not forget about Sid Fugate who improves each and every time out. Whispers around the track have the Kanzler family coming back to do battle, could we soon see 2 main events for the amateur class?
7 experts signed up for action on the Twister, and Lenny the kid Strand would TQ at a 4.56. Aaron Roed took the early lead, with Tim Burgess applying pressure early on. Tim had a great race going, until mechanical issues took him out of contention. Halfway through, Aaron was still holding onto the top spot, followed now by Lee Gilbert, and Bill Clemans. Taking a peek at the leader board I realized I was on pace to turn just over 300 laps, ahh but the predicted finishes can be evil to look at. As the race progressed, the running order stayed about the same, and Aaron failed in his quest for 300. With 2 different drivers in the past two weeks turning 299 laps, and with numerous other racers in my eyes more than capable of turning 300 laps, look for that barrier to come down soon. Not long ago 280 was the benchmark!
Should any of the racers from Monitor happen to read this rambling, Expert tuners like Tim Burgess, and Lee Gilbert would, I’m certain, be more than happy to get your cars up to speed for racing on the Twister, and if your satisfied with some mediocre tuning, I would be happy to help.
Racing resumes Friday night at 7pm like always, can the” Milton Missile” Dale Olive make his way to the top of the podium, never ever can you count out Bill Clemans, or Lee Gilbert, and lets not forget our current single lap track record holder, Tim Burgess. Part Timers Tom Hansen, and Jim Radford always race at the front as well, and could quite possibly be the ones to finally better 300 laps. Gordon Thomas is building a new car, as his work schedule calms down in August, look for him and Fred Klinger to compete for podiums in the near future.

Drag Race results 7-28-2015 — The South Prevails

By: Dan Parris
July 29, 2015


What a great night of racing. Wait; for me the racing sucked. But it was definitely one of best nights of fun I have had in a long time. Seven racers showed up from Vancouver to race with us. It turns out they are all crazy, oh and really lucky. From what I understand they showed up about 2:30. I don’t know for sure as at that time I was still taking my nap. I got to the track about four and all the pit tables were filled up. But the guests rearranged and everyone managed to fit in as the crowd grew. A couple of our regulars were missing but we made up for it when Doug Jones showed up, after a couple of months of working extensive overtime. Also new drag racer Aaron Roed, one of the premier slot car road racers in the nation, decided to join us to expand his horizons. I have never seen so many test passes made in one evening. Everyone was working hard to represent their side in the big North-South battle. As it turned out the teams consisted of seven from the south and eight form the north. The advantage in numbers did not help the home team. If it would not have been for Mark Nelson you wouldn’t have known that it wasn’t just a tune up session for the guys from Vancouver. I must say Ron Ryan tried his best and took a few rounds with some killer lights. The semi finals in brackets were Steven Ennis against Mark Nelson with both having two cars left. Mark was feeling the pressure as we locals threatened to end his life if he didn’t win. Well he made it out alive, but failed in his assignment with a red light in the first and just plain being out run in the second of the semis. Yea that meant that Steven took both the win and runner up for the South. Oh the humanity! We moved on to the Stock Eliminator class. We had an excellent field and the north held out hope right up until the end. Mark once again had two cars in the semis and once again failed in both attempt to make it to the final pair. Now think, the man had four opportunities to be the supreme hero and be carried around the shop on the shoulders of his adoring fans. Instead he just got kicked to the curb with a half hearted, nice job. In the finals it was Brian Carr and Chris Huddleston from the south. With Chris just crushing Brian. Well not really crushing, but I wanted someone from the south to suffer. The guys from the south were gracious winners and thanked us for being good hosts and friendly competitors. That is right after they marched around the shop chanting the south shall rise again and waving the confederate flag. Yea, all of you politically correct readers that is the kind of racer that they raise down by the great Columbia. I say lock these guys in the basement where they belong. I guess that is not a real threat to them as that is were they race every Saturday anyways. It must have been the daylight that gave them super powers. Don’t worry the guys from the north are already plotting our revenge and will take the fight to them in the near future.

I would like to thank this group of fun racers for coming 150 plus miles, one way, to spend a weeknight evening with us. We did a lot of racing and even more laughing. This was the most fun I have had racing slot cars in a very long time and I am looking forward to spending a lot more time with these crazy racers.

I am not going to go into the details of the top ten list race, but I will say that Jeff fought off the challenge of Mark for number 6 and then took on Ron and moved up one spot. The guys who were missing blocked any attempt to do any further list racing. Needless to say you have both been challenged by a Sweeney, either the father or the son, for next week. They told me they are ready and out for blood!

Well that is my report and I am sticking by it. Now I am going out into the attic of my shop and find my practice tree. I won two pairings last night one on an opponents red light and one in my hemi Dodge against a Gremlin. The other 6 pairings I went red. I just can’t take pressure.

Drag Racing Results 7/21/2015 Mark Nelson The Big Winner

By: Dan Parris
July 21, 2015

_DSC5932.JPG _DSC5933.JPG

We once again gathered at Pacific Slot Car Raceways for Tuesday drag racing. A few of the racers showed up three hours early for a bunch of testing. I don’t know if it did any good but we enjoyed the time we spent racing and exchanging information. I think I will be better off to extend my nap time an hour. We also had the privilege of Ron’s dad Gary Wellman coming in to check out the action. Gary is an old 1 to 1 racer and we are going to help him build a roadster next week. Hopefully we will get Gary to join us on a regular basis.

We started the evening off with our Top Ten Challenges. Mark Nelson was added to the list at number 7 and the first challenge he would have issued was to Jeff Sweeney who didn’t show. We know he has been working some long hours and assume he couldn’t get off work in time to make it. So Jeff you have been challenged and will need to respond by next week or lose your spot. Moving on to number five we had Ron Ryan challenge Dale Schmidt. Dale successfully defended his fourth place position. Even with excellent tuning help from Lee Gilbert Ron’s car failed to register giving the automatic win to Dale. At this time Dale did not want to challenge Shawn Sweeney as his car was not performing to his expectations. Shawn then challenged Larry Altmayer for the number two spot. Shawn failed to move up as Larry defended his spot. The final race was between Larry and I for the number one spot. I was pretty sure Larry’s car was faster as we lined up. Luckily for me I once again got a good light and beat Larry to the stripe as he was running me down. So at this point Dale decided he had nothing to lose and challenged Shawn for the number three spot. Shawn successfully defended, When the tire smoke cleared nothing on the list changed with the exception of adding Mark.

We went on to bracket racing. We had a good turnout and a ton of close racing. When it came down to the end we had three cars left. Mark had one car and Dale two. We had a random draw and Mark got the bye. This meant Dale had to pick a winner for the semis. Mark and Dale raced for the win and as I recall Dale lit the red bulb giving Mark the win.

Stock Eliminator had a full field with Chris Kendrick, Shawn and Larry all showing with new cars. It all came down to the semis with Larry and Mark each having two cars remaining. When all was said and done Mark had both cars in the finals. Larry had a crap night all and all and is due to kick some butt in the immediate future. I think he is just working to hard and needs more race time. Quit that job Larry and become a professional slot car drag racer. I will drive your tow truck on the tour. At least we can get by with a small truck, which I have.

Some of the boys are coming up from Vancouver next week so we should have a full house. Hope to see you there. If not I will post a report on the outcome. At least if it is favorable to my image. I am working to get my own reality show “Sudden Death in the Slot” how an old, fat, bald recluse lives in the high stress, sometimes dangerous, world of slot car drag racing!

2015 American Flat Track Worlds Recap

By: Aaron Roed
July 19, 2015

1/24 Euro podium

3 days of intense, and very competitive competition is in the books. What a weekend it was, as the flats always entices people to bring their A game.

Winners from the weekend are as follows:
Stock Car Tom Hansen 299 laps NTR ( Tim Burgess NTR 4.43)
LMP Tim Burgess
Group 10 Jim Radford
JRL Jim Radford (starting to notice a pattern here!)
1/32 Euro Jim Radford
GT 12 Shawn Sweeney
1/24 Euro Bob Everett (Chris Everett finished 2nd)

Complete race results can be found on the left hand side of this page by clicking on history.

I really enjoyed racing with Rick Linn out of California. Great racer, and an equally funny guy.
Rick Dodge made the trip over from Chelan, as he does this on a monthly basis. Always fast, and a superb racer
Herman James comes every year from California and is always in contention for a win. Another racer who has amazing skills.
Mike Stahl from Oregan ( I think), comes for the fast stuff, and finished 3rd in 1/24 Euro.

Thank you Jim and Diane for giving us a place to socialize with friends, and to be able to race at an amazing race track!

Make sure to read the race reports from Dan Parris covering the drag racing program. Great reports, as there seems to be a lot excitement happening over there. If blisters have healed, racing resumes this Friday at 7pm with the Nascar group.

It Happened 5 Years Ago….

By: Aaron Roed
July 9, 2015


1/24 Euro winner Gary Johnson


2010 was the first year the Flat Track Worlds were held at PSCR. Friday night was wing car night, and though I didn’t make any notes of this race, it looked like the Everetts took it to them pretty good that night.

Saturday was Box Stock LMP, Advanced LMP, and Group 10. Dale Olive would TQ in Box Stock LMP, and also win the race. He was followed by Yakima Phil, and Rob McCuiston.
Advanced LMP results were Scott Nielson TQ at a 4.33. This Scott fella seemed pretty good as he would win the race with 297 laps, Yakima Phil was 2nd, and Russ Bach was third. 32 entries.
Group 10 TQ was Kevin Kosir
Bill Clemans would win the race (some things stay the same) followed by Kevin, and Jay Mac.
GT 12 had 30 entries and TQ was Alicia Gilbert at a 3.63. Currently the fast guys are a couple tenths quicker than that now. Yes if the last name of the TQ catches your eye, that is Lee’s daughter, and though I personally only raced with her a few times, it was easy to spot that she was the real deal. Catching my eye was not the fact Yakima Phil won the race, but he did it from the C Main, which is something I admire. Jay Mac was 2nd, and Kevin Kosir was 3rd.
1/24 Eurosport had 19 entries, Gary Johnson was TQ at a blistering 3.19. Gary won the race, followed by Matt Zenovitch, and George Russell from California.
Overall Champion that year was Kevin Kosir.
I used a great website to find results of this race. Check this site out, as it covers anything you’ll want to know about slot cars.

Next weekend is the Flat Track Worlds July 17-19, racing gets going Friday night at 7pm with the Nascar group. Many racers come from all over the PNW as well as California. You don’t want to miss this event!

Drag Outlaw Qualification Results

By: jradford

Report from Dan Parris:

What a great night of racing. We only had six hard core racers and two or three spectators who came to check out the action, as the weather was hot and dusty, but you could feel the excitement. We started with qualifying and set the first six positions of the top ten list.
1. Larry Altmayer
2. Dan Parris
3. Dale Schmitt
4. Ron Ryan
5. Shawn Sweeney
6. Jeff Sweeney

We did this with no times announced, using our new limited prep gluing procedure. Most of our cars hooked up much better then we expected and ran an estimated tenth to a tenth and a half slower then if we would have used the normal prep procedures. Everyone seemed to enjoy the challenge. Well everybody with possibly the exception of Jeff (we see a big investment coming in his program over the coming weeks). The cars looked like real street outlaws as they fishtailed down the track with many top end charges making the finishes close and exciting. Everyone was looking for that soft launch with the big speed at the finish. Some did a better job of it then others but you know their will be a lot of changes for next week.

After establishing the initial list we opened the track up to challenges. We decided the easiest way to handle the racing was to announce an open challenge period each week. We start at the bottom of the list and ask if that participant was wanting to challenge the racer immediately ahead of them. If so we ran the pair off with a coin toss for lane choice. The winner Then was allowed to challenge the next racer up the list with the loser open to be challenged from the position below them. Each racer was only allowed to race twice in one evening so you can only go up or down the list two spots a week. This also means if you are not present you can pretty much expect to drop two positions. We hope to see this promote lots of racing.

To begin the challenge period Jeff decide he did not want to race Shawn with the set up he enter, so we moved on up the list to ask Shawn and he was up for the challenge, taking on Ron with Shawn taking the win. This allowed Shawn to challenge Dale who he also put back in the box. Thus opening up a race between Ron and Dale. Dale was able to maintain his position ahead of Ron. Being Shawn had run his two races he was done for the event leaving only Larry and DP to run off for Larry’s number one spot. As it turned out DP was able to take over #1 on the list by a hole shot over a rapidly closing Larry. I think it was some of the most intense and enjoyable racing we have had in quite a while. The energy and excitement made the racing lots of fun and we expect some even better racing in the future. Fast Dan Sullivan came in to check it out and realized this type of racing was meant for him. I think this format is a winner and we can only see this program growing. Can pure grudge racing be far behind? We have a couple of firm commitments to build cars and a bunch of interest among other racers. The list will fill quickly so you had better get your program in order. Got to get going for now, as I need to get up to the shop and pick out a new Armature. Secret deal you know!


Olive Sets Track Record

By: Aaron Roed
June 25, 2015

12 racers were on hand for the weekly Nascar races. The field was split evenly between the amateurs/experts. In the amateur race, which usually features numerous shake-ups in the running order throughout the race, was rather tame. Gene Caldwell, Jim Nelson, and Keith Bare would run in that order the entire race. Come on guys, your fans want more drama! Newcomer Vince Piccirilli, who bought his car from out of the case just prior to racing had a great run, and we all look forward to watching him progress.

Dale Olive was TQ in qualifying with a 4.47, which is a new track record. Aaron Roed would jump out to the early lead, followed by Rick Dodge, and Lee Gilbert. Rick worked his way around Aaron midway through the race, with Dale right behind the leaders. Rick and Aaron would hang tough through the whole race, but at the end the King would make his move, and took the top spot. Dale, Rick, and Aaron all finished on the same lap, separated by 6 sections. Close racing like this is exactly why I enjoy racing at PSCR.

Friday night the Nascar class will be back in action at 7pm. As everyone starts to get ready for the American Flat Track Worlds July 17-19, look for the racing to be even more exciting!

_DSC5834.JPG _DSC5835.JPG

Radford Picks Up The Win

By: Aaron Roed
June 18, 2015

Friday June 12th had 14 entries in the Friday night Nascar class. The amateur group got things started with 7 entries in their class. Roman Ruiz returning from a short break from racing jumped out to the early lead, with JD Gardiner, and Jim Nelson just a few laps back. Roman would maintain a 2 lap advantage a majority of this race until the 7th segment when things really started to heat up. Jim had taken the lead at the end of 7. In a close race to the finish Roman was able to drive around Jim for the win. Jim would hold onto 2nd, and Gene Caldwell who had to dig himself out of a huge hole grabbed the last podium spot.

The experts hit the track with 7 entries, and qualifying was very tight, as Aaron Roed, Lee Gilbert, and Dale Olive all timed in at 4.59 seconds. In a race that would feature 6 lead changes, Jim Radford found himself on top of the podium for the victory. Dale and Lee kept the pressure on but came up a little short at the end. Jim had an actual/potential of 97.1, and that my friends is the key to winning these races 97.1 % of the time.

Racing continues this weekend with the Nascar group kicking things off on Friday at 7pm. Saturday will be the final race of the Spring/Summer series for 1/24 euro, and GT 12. Then we all get prepared for the biggest event this year at PSCR, The American Flat Track Worlds July 17-19.

Drag Outlaw class revisited

By: jradford

We have been working with the group to revive the old Drag Outlaw class. To increase participation we’ve had to create class rules for this competition that will better encourage participation and activity. See the rule book below. Page 3 outlines the general rules for the top-10 list and page 13 are the car rules.

We will seed the list on the first Tuesday of July (the 7th), Entry fees will be waived for all that are ready to participate that night.

The Rule Book

Saturday June 6th Race Recap

By: Aaron Roed
June 11, 2015

Saturday June 6th was the final race of the Winter/Spring Series for LMP, and Group 10. Up first was the amateur LMP race that had 4 entries on this 80+ degree day. Mark Nelson would lead start to finish in this race, and quite possibly putting himself at the top of the point standings, as series leader Roman Ruiz was unable to make this months race. Gene Caldwell ran a solid second, Chris Alden 3rd, and Jim M.M. Nelson in 4th. Look for one of these amateurs to have a great qualifying lap and possibly find themselves in the A Main at the American Flat Track Worlds July 17-19.

Expert LMP was up next, and Tim Burgess was TQ at a 4.10. Tim builds some amazing cars, and this month was no different. 8 experts started the race all with the same goal of winning the last race of the series. Bill Clemans would jump out to an early lead, until the 2nd segment when Aaron Roed grabbed the top spot. These 2 racers would run 1st and 2nd the entire race with Bill applying some pressure at the end. Aaron held on to win, Bill finished 2nd, followed by Jim Radford, Dale Olive, and Tim Burgess.

Group 10 cars hit the track with a full field of 8 eager drivers. TQ was Bill Clemans at a 3.68. 3 different racers would lead this race, but when it mattered Jeff Sweeney was at the top. Jeff raced a very clean race, and held off a hard charging Bill Clemans for the win by a car length. Lee Gilbert was 3rd, Aaron Roed 4th, and Ian Guay 5th. Great job Sweendog!!

Below please check out "YOU TUBE" videos of racing Gp 10 on the Twister plus Dan and Rob explaining some of the cars and classes we run.
In memory of our dear friend and fellow racer Rob McCuistion 1957 - 2012

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