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Olive Sets Track Record

By: Aaron Roed
June 25, 2015

12 racers were on hand for the weekly Nascar races. The field was split evenly between the amateurs/experts. In the amateur race, which usually features numerous shake-ups in the running order throughout the race, was rather tame. Gene Caldwell, Jim Nelson, and Keith Bare would run in that order the entire race. Come on guys, your fans want more drama! Newcomer Vince Piccirilli, who bought his car from out of the case just prior to racing had a great run, and we all look forward to watching him progress.

Dale Olive was TQ in qualifying with a 4.47, which is a new track record. Aaron Roed would jump out to the early lead, followed by Rick Dodge, and Lee Gilbert. Rick worked his way around Aaron midway through the race, with Dale right behind the leaders. Rick and Aaron would hang tough through the whole race, but at the end the King would make his move, and took the top spot. Dale, Rick, and Aaron all finished on the same lap, separated by 6 sections. Close racing like this is exactly why I enjoy racing at PSCR.

Friday night the Nascar class will be back in action at 7pm. As everyone starts to get ready for the American Flat Track Worlds July 17-19, look for the racing to be even more exciting!

_DSC5834.JPG _DSC5835.JPG

Radford Picks Up The Win

By: Aaron Roed
June 18, 2015

Friday June 12th had 14 entries in the Friday night Nascar class. The amateur group got things started with 7 entries in their class. Roman Ruiz returning from a short break from racing jumped out to the early lead, with JD Gardiner, and Jim Nelson just a few laps back. Roman would maintain a 2 lap advantage a majority of this race until the 7th segment when things really started to heat up. Jim had taken the lead at the end of 7. In a close race to the finish Roman was able to drive around Jim for the win. Jim would hold onto 2nd, and Gene Caldwell who had to dig himself out of a huge hole grabbed the last podium spot.

The experts hit the track with 7 entries, and qualifying was very tight, as Aaron Roed, Lee Gilbert, and Dale Olive all timed in at 4.59 seconds. In a race that would feature 6 lead changes, Jim Radford found himself on top of the podium for the victory. Dale and Lee kept the pressure on but came up a little short at the end. Jim had an actual/potential of 97.1, and that my friends is the key to winning these races 97.1 % of the time.

Racing continues this weekend with the Nascar group kicking things off on Friday at 7pm. Saturday will be the final race of the Spring/Summer series for 1/24 euro, and GT 12. Then we all get prepared for the biggest event this year at PSCR, The American Flat Track Worlds July 17-19.

Drag Outlaw class revisted

By: jradford

We have been working with the group to revive the old Drag Outlaw class. To increase participation we’ve had to create class rules for this competition that will better encourage participation and activity. See the rule book below. Page 3 outlines the general rules for the top-10 list and page 13 are the car rules.

We will seed the list on the first Tuesday of July (the 7th), Entry fees will be waived for all that are ready to participate that night.

The Rule Book

Saturday June 6th Race Recap

By: Aaron Roed
June 11, 2015

Saturday June 6th was the final race of the Winter/Spring Series for LMP, and Group 10. Up first was the amateur LMP race that had 4 entries on this 80+ degree day. Mark Nelson would lead start to finish in this race, and quite possibly putting himself at the top of the point standings, as series leader Roman Ruiz was unable to make this months race. Gene Caldwell ran a solid second, Chris Alden 3rd, and Jim M.M. Nelson in 4th. Look for one of these amateurs to have a great qualifying lap and possibly find themselves in the A Main at the American Flat Track Worlds July 17-19.

Expert LMP was up next, and Tim Burgess was TQ at a 4.10. Tim builds some amazing cars, and this month was no different. 8 experts started the race all with the same goal of winning the last race of the series. Bill Clemans would jump out to an early lead, until the 2nd segment when Aaron Roed grabbed the top spot. These 2 racers would run 1st and 2nd the entire race with Bill applying some pressure at the end. Aaron held on to win, Bill finished 2nd, followed by Jim Radford, Dale Olive, and Tim Burgess.

Group 10 cars hit the track with a full field of 8 eager drivers. TQ was Bill Clemans at a 3.68. 3 different racers would lead this race, but when it mattered Jeff Sweeney was at the top. Jeff raced a very clean race, and held off a hard charging Bill Clemans for the win by a car length. Lee Gilbert was 3rd, Aaron Roed 4th, and Ian Guay 5th. Great job Sweendog!!

June 5th Nascar Race

By: Aaron Roed



Friday June 5th was another round of the weekly Nascar class. With temps in the 80’s, we still had 13 entries between the amateur and pro classes. 5 amateurs hit the track for there main event, and yet again there was another first time winner. Gene Caldwell drove to victory by being very consistent and staying out of trouble. Nice job Gene. The amateur class has had 2 first time winners in the past 3 weeks, and is one of the most exciting classes at the track. You just never know who is going to win on any given night.

8 pros signed in, and Tom Hanson was top qualifier at a very fast 4.50. Tom and Aaron Roed would stay only a lap or 2 apart the entire race, with Aaron getting the lead at the end of 6 segments and holding on for the win. Tom finished 2nd, followed by Jim Radford, Len Strand, and Bill Clemans.

The Nascar class is back at it again this Friday at 7pm.

Nelson and Olive Win

By: Aaron Roed
June 4, 2015

The Friday night Nascar class had another strong field of competitors yet again this past weekend. 14 racers were up for the challenge of taking on the twister. Mark Nelson led the whole way in the amateur class to take the win. Jim Nelson had a solid second place finish coming off his first win the previous week. Chris Alden is starting to emerge as a contender and grabbed 3rd place. The father and son team of Steve and Will Abarr continue to improve and its great having them race with us.

The pros hit the track, and Tom Hanson was quick time at a 4.56. Last weeks winner Ross Korsky would lead the first 4 segments, with Dale Olive and Aaron Roed close behind. From here on the race had 3 lead changes in the last 4 segments with Dale Olive racing to victory. Aaron wound up 2nd, and Tom Hanson who reset numerous lane records came home 3rd.

This weekend the Nascar group is back at it again Friday at 7pm. LMP and Group 10 racing on Saturday starting at 3pm, with this being a great opportunity to work on some things in preparation for the upcoming American Flat Track worlds happening July 17-19.

Spring 2015 Drag Series Champions

By: jradford
May 27, 2015

Congratulations to the Spring 2015 Drag Series Points Champions

1st: Larry Altmayer
2nd: Dale Schmidt
3rd: Doug Jones

1.090 Index:
1st: Dave Collins
2nd: Dale Schmidt
3rd: Larry Altmayer

New series Starting in June, we will be racing Bracket and Stock Eliminator classes for the Summer 2015 Series June, July and August

Olive Wins A Close One

By: Aaron Roed
May 13, 2015

_DSC0189Friday May 8th drew 15 entries for the weekly Nascar class. The amateur group had a full field of 8 drivers ready to go, and things started out with a bang as the dead man collected 5 cars right at the start. In a wild race race, Mark Nelson, and Roman Ruiz would trade the lead throughout, with Mark grabbing the lead in the 7th segment, and holding on for the win. Tristan Hyde came home 3rd, as a gear failure derailed his chance for a higher finish.
7 Pros hit the track, and Bill Clemans was top qualifier with a lap of 4.57 seconds. Jim Radford would lead the first 3 segments, but then relinquish the lead to Dale Olive at the halfway point. Aaron Roed led at the end of segments 5 and 6. Dale was able to get the lead back at the end of 7, and that set the stage for a classic Nascar finish between these 2 Friday night veterans. Aaron was able to close the gap between the 2, and running out of time, found a wall to drive into. Dale did a fantastic job of driving all race, having an Actual/Potential of 97.6. Without doing any research, I would bet that is the highest percentage in the tracks history. Aaron held on for 2nd, Lee Gilbert climbed back up to 3rd after a poor start. Bill Clemans, and Jim Radford rounded out the top 5.
See you all next weekend for another Fast Friday at Pacific Slot Car Raceways, along with 1/24 Eurosports, and GT 12 on Saturday. Chris Everett will be looking to make it 2 in a row with his Euro, and as always admission is free to the public, with racing starting at 7 on Friday, and 3pm on Saturday.

Clemans Hits The Trifecta

By: Aaron Roed


Bill Clemans swept the weekend of May 2nd by winning all 3 events. Starting Friday night in the Nascar class, and mixing the amateurs with the pros, Bill was flawless in working his way through traffic to take the win.

In Saturday’s LMP race, even though he had stiff competition throughout, he managed to get the lead in the 3rd segment, and not look back, beating Lee Gilbert by 4 laps.
Next up was Group 10 racing, and to sum this race up the best, I would have to say he wasn’t quite as bad as the rest of us and won this race by 2 laps over Aaron Roed.
Excellent weekend by an elite driver..




2016 USRA Division II Nationals to be held at Pacific Slot Car Raceways

By: jradford
April 29, 2015

Pacific Slot Car Raceways in Edgewood Washington has received the distinct honor of once again hosting the USRA National Championship races. This annual event rotates throughout the USA each year and is held around April. Raceways submit a bid to host this prestigious event and attendees vote for the following years host. We will post additional information including a schedule and class list once it is finalized.

Diane and I are grateful for your continued support and hope to see everyone in April!

Below please check out "YOU TUBE" videos of racing Gp 10 on the Twister plus Dan and Rob explaining some of the cars and classes we run.
In memory of our dear friend and fellow racer Rob McCuistion 1957 - 2012

Pacific Slot Car Raceways
2908 Meridian Ave. E #104
Edgewood, WA 98371
(253) 446-5039