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Racing News Feb. 12th

By: Aaron Roed
February 13, 2018

An even dozen racers made it in for some Friday night Nascar racing. The group was split evenly with 6 amateurs and 6 experts.

The amateur race was won by David Parsons. David has really improved as a racer, and has found himself on the podium more often than not recently. Robert Hanlen continues to have solid runs. He is close to winning one of these races, he just needs to find a bit more speed. This entire group as a whole have improved a great deal, there races are entertaining to watch for sure.

The expert group is as strong as ever! Jim Alden has found a race setup that he likes which has led to podium finishes the last couple weeks. Lee Gilbert has been really strong, tying his personal high lap count last week. Tim Burgess is a guy who can never be counted out.

Series racing continues this Saturday starting at 1pm. There was a great turnout last month!! Counting Friday nights Nascar race, each competitor has the opportunity to run about 2,000 laps!!

Friday Night Race Results

By: Aaron Roed
January 28, 2018

15 Friday night Nascar racers made it to the raceway on 1-26. The field was made up of 7 amateurs, and 8 experts.
The amateur race started out a little rough, not too much give, and a lot of take! Frank Robertson, David Parsons, and Robert Hanlen separated themselves from the rest of the field a little bit by the halfway mark. Jim Nelson battled his way back into contention for a podium finish at the end of he race and finished 3rd, behind Frank in 2nd, and winner David Parsons. This group has really been pushing each other over the last month, and as a result their lap totals have gone way up!

The experts class lined up 8 cars for the start of their race. The first segment was won by Brad Hoyt, Lee Gilbert took over after segment 2 and was never really challenged for the top spot the rest of the way. I finished 2nd after too many unforced errors derailed my chance at a win, and Brad was 3rd. In these expert races, typically if you are out of the slot more than 3 times (your fault or not) your chances at winning drop dramatically.

Race results from series racing on 1-20

The track was packed with racers!! Not only was it a very strong turnout of racers, but the rental track was full, drag racers were there doing some testing, and people were walking in off the street just to watch. There was even an Ian Guy sighting!!
-Lee won the LMP race. His car and driving ability is making it awful hard to win one of these.
-Frank Robertson won the amateur LMP race just ahead of Jim Nelson.
-Group 10 was won by Jim Alden who ran an excellent race
-In GT 12, Jeff Sweeney won by 7 laps ahead of Bill Clemans.
-I took the win in 1/24 Eurosport.

From time to time I want to ask a question to get the feedback of racers. It should be noted these questions are not related to anything that has taken place on the track, just questions I have always kinda wondered about.

Q. Red lane is holding up White lane a little bit. Middle part of the race, and both guys are battling for the same spot. Should Red lane let White go, or keep driving his race with the intention of not letting White lane gain any time on him?
My thinking is that it is okay to intentionally hold up another racer to protect your postition….. but you have to be okay with the real possibility of being punted!
If you are logged on through Facebook you can comment below. I am interested to hear what other racers have to say!

Friday Night Nascar Results

By: Aaron Roed
January 17, 2018

Get to feeling better soon Jim Nelson! Jim had a medical emergency Friday night, but fortunately it sounds like he is doing very well. J. Radford gave an encouraging update on his condition on the tracks Facebook page.

13 racers were on hand this past Friday night. Up first was a 5 person amateur race. David Parsons has apparently been doing him homework because he brought a car with him that no one could touch. It may have been the best car on the track all night! David won the race. He was followed by Jim Nelson, and Frank Robertson.

The expert group had a full field of 8 racers, including Bill Clemans who has been gone for a bit. “Bad” Brad Hoyt led the first 2 segments until he was passed by Tim Burgess in the third segment. I inherited the lead after Timmy had some body issues and won the race. Lee Gilbert finished 2nd, and Leonard Strand was 3rd.

This Saturday 1/20 is series racing at 1pm.

Close Finishes!

By: Aaron Roed
January 12, 2018

Last Friday night the first Nascar race of the New Year was run. 5 amateurs made up the field in the first race of the night. Jim Nelson didn’t have the results he was looking for as a rare DNF forced him to watch the remainder of the race from the sidelines. The battle all race long for the lead was between Robert Hanlen, and Dave Parsons. After exchanging the lead a couple times, David was able to pull away a bit and go on to win. Robert finished a strong 2nd, and he was followed by Nicholas Burgess.

The expert group had 7 racers this week. Lee was looking to make it 5 in a row, but came up just a little short. Myself and Tom Hansen found ourselves in a good race for the lead. Fortunately for me I had some lanes that I really like to finish up my race, and was able to take the win. Tom was a close 2nd, and Lee finished in 3rd.

The Nascar class races every Friday night at 7pm, and the next series race is Saturday January 20th at 1pm.

First Race Of The New Year!

By: Aaron Roed
January 4, 2018

This Friday night marks the first race of the calendar year for the Nascar group. Racing starts at 7pm, with the track hot at around 6:00.

The Friday night Nascar class is made up of a very diverse group of racers. We have kids as young as 9 yrs old, Father & Son race teams, and diehard slot car enthusiasts! The group is divided into 2 classes (expert & amateur) based on your skill and past race results.

9 year old slot car enthusiast Piper Clark will be back racing this week. She always has fast, and pretty cars prepared by her Grandfather Fred Klinger. The target is on the back of Lee Gilbert in the expert class who is looking to win his 5th race in a row this week. He will be challenged hard by Tim Burgess, Tom Hansen, the Alden bros. just to name a few.

Anyone looking for a little helps getting their cars race ready stop in a little early on Friday night. Numerous guys are willing to help out in anyway that they can.

Racing News December 21st.

By: Aaron Roed
December 22, 2017

A big weekend of racing began Friday night with the Nascar class. 14 racers signed up for racing, 5 in the amateur class, and 9 experts.

David Parsons, and Jim Nelson separated themselves from the rest of the field in the early stages of the race. A couple of things I have noticed with Jim lately is that he races with a lot of confidence, and doesn’t at any point of the race count himself out of contention for the win. With the race winding down Jim was able to drive around David at the end and take the win. David finished in second after having a very solid race. Both David and his son Christian do very,very well considering they are the newbies of the group. Finishing in third spot was Robert Hanlan who didn’t have much “racing luck” out there.

The expert class ran a 9 man round robin. Lee Gilbert, and Tim Burgess would swap the lead 3 times in the race, with Lee coming out ahead in the end. Timmy held on to the second spot ahead of Tom Hansen. As always, it’s great to have a full field of racers, it adds so many variables into the race.

Saturday we ran Lmp, Group 10, Gt12, and 1/24 Eurosport. Congrats to the winners in each class.
Lee Gilbert LMP
Jim Alden Group 10
Tim Burgess GT12
Len Strand Eurosport

Slot Car Racing News Nov. 25th

By: Aaron Roed
November 26, 2017

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve added some content to the website. Racing has been going strong lately. Last Saturday was the 2nd round of the 2017-18 racing series. Rick Dodge won every race that he entered on Saturday, including an epic run in GT 12. I know he broke the lap record, and I think by a lot.

Friday night Nascar saw the return of Jim Nelson, and Dale Olive last night. Both racers are not only really good on the track, but also great people as well. An A main B main format was run last night, and both races came down to the final minute.

Series Opener Saturday October 21st

By: Aaron Roed
October 19, 2017

Full weekend of racing starts on Friday night with the Nascar class. Lee Gilbert will try to make it 2 in a row in the expert class. Interesting note, there have now been 5 different winners in the last 5 weeks. The amateur class has new faces almost weekly. Christian Parsons was the winner last week.

There has been a lot of interest in the series opener, especially the amateur LMP class. I think there is a good chance 8+racers show up for the amateur LMP race. Racing starts at 1pm, and if you are in need of some help stop in on Friday night for Nascar night, or well before racing on Saturday. There are a lot of racers more than willing to help in any way they can.

Leonard Strand Wins On Friday Night

By: Aaron Roed
October 10, 2017

11 racers made it out to the track this past Friday night. Racing got underway with the amateur group as 5 racers lined up for their main. New racer David Parsons won the race by 10 laps ahead of Fonn Guiher. Another newcomer, Steven Daskam finished in the third position. David and his son take turns with driving duties from week to week. Both of them do a really good job of staying out of wrecks, and driving within their current limits.

The expert class had 6 racers this week. 3 different racers led at different times during the race. The last 4 segments belonged to Leonard Strand, as he out drove all of us and won the race. Congrats Lenny on a well earned victory! I finished in the 2nd spot, and Timmy was third. The 3 of us finished within two laps of each other.
There is a lot of parity right now in the expert class, there have been 4 different winners in the last 4 weeks.

Series racing gets going again on Saturday October 21st at 1pm. There is only 1 rule change and that is in the LMP class. We will begin using the Proslot PS4002FK motor. This is the same motor we use in the Friday night Nascar class. I have an extra LMP car if anybody wants to try out some LMP racing.

Slot Car Racing News October 5th

By: Aaron Roed
October 5, 2017

Series racing begins Saturday October 21st. There was some talk about a few rule changes. As always, its best to call the shop to get full clarity on any changes.

In the Nascar class on Friday night, Keith Bare walked away from the field in the amateur class, winning by 8 laps. Fonn Guiher finished 2nd, and Dick grabbed the last podium spot in third place.

Again, another close race in the expert class. Tim Burgess was able to hang right with Jim Radford most of the race. When it mattered the most, Jimmy was able to gap Timmy a bit in the final segment, winning by a comfortable 2 lap advantage. Finishing a strong 3rd was Leonard Strand, who seems to find himself on the podium each and every week. It looks like Lee’s race ended abruptly in the middle stages of the event.

Racing continues this Friday night at 7pm with the Nascar class.

Below please check out "YOU TUBE" videos of racing Gp 10 on the Twister plus Dan and Rob explaining some of the cars and classes we run.
In memory of our dear friend and fellow racer Rob McCuistion 1957 - 2012

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