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AMCA Fall 2014 Series Race #1 Results

By: jradford
September 28, 2014
_DSC5013.JPG _DSC5014.JPG _DSC5015.JPG

Congratulations to the Podium winners of the First Race of the 2014 AMCA Fall Series. LMP “B” Main: 1st Jeff Sweeney, 2nd Madison Roed, 3rd Dan Hodapp, in the “A” Main it was 1st Aaron Roed, 2nd Jim Radford, 3rd Tim Burgess. Group-10: 1st Bill Clemans, 2nd Aaron Roed, 3rd Jim Radford.

_DSC5185.JPG _DSC5186.JPG _DSC5187.JPG _DSC5188.JPG

AMCA Fall Series GT-12 Winner Jim Radford, 2nd Tim Burgess, 3rd Leonard Strand, 1/24 Eurosport Rick Dodge 1st, Jim Radford 2nd, Aaron Roed 3rd Full Results: (Lee is in the podium photo and took 4th Overall)

Kids Womp Results September 24 2014

By: jradford

Kids Womp Womp Racing, Tristan takes the win, Piper in 2nd place, Ben in 3rd, and Heather wins the 10-16 division as the sole participant
Full Results: We are glad to see the Kids trickling back in after the long summer break! See you all next Wednesday for another Kids Race!


Nascar Results for September 26th

By: jradford
September 26, 2014

Nascar Results for 9/26 Its a Triple Kanzler Podium in the B Main, Father Mark Kanzler taking the win, Mother Sherri Kanzler in 2nd Place, and Son Drew Kanzler in Third. Tom Hansen won the A Main, followed by Aaron Roed in 2nd, and Jim Radford in 3rd. Full results here:

_DSC5199.JPG _DSC5200.JPG

Stock Car Results 8-1 through 8-15

By: jradford
August 15, 2014

August 1st:

Tom Hansen takes the big win with 286 laps over Aaron Roed with 282, Ross Korsky takes the last podium position with 273 Laps.

August 8th:

Aaron came back seeking revenge on Tom who was off racing RETRO cars that weekend, his revenge would have to wait.. for now, Aaron took the win with 279 Laps over Ross Korsky at 275. Dale Olive was third with 269 Laps.


In the “B” Main Sherri Kanzler took the win with 235 Laps, 1 lap ahead of Husband Mark Kanzler at 234, and Ken Cavish with 222 Laps

August 15th:

Aaron got his revenge this week on Tom Hansen — and almost on Jim Radford who slipped past Aaron in the final seconds of the race after Aaron got entangled on the sweeper. In the End of was Jim Radford 1st with 273+ Laps, Aaron Roed with 273 Laps, and Tom Hansen with 269.

2014 Summer Bracket Points Series Update

By: jradford
August 5, 2014

Dave Collins is currently leading the points by a tremendous lead over Grandson Brandon Colson, left unchallenged in the remaining four races Dave will again participate in the decimation of the forests with another handful of plaques. The battle will continue throughout August, can Dale Schmidt make his way past Brandon? Tune in weekly to find out.

Current points series standings can be found here


Hansen takes the win ahead of Roed this week in Stock Car Racing

By: jradford
August 1, 2014

Tom Hansen takes the win this week with 286 Laps ahead of Aaron Roed at 282 Laps, Ross Korsky fills out the third podium position with 273 Laps.
top Qualifier was also Tom Hansen with a single qualify lap time of 4.739 with a backup time of 4.767.

Full race results can be found here

2014 American Flat Track Worlds Schedule

By: jradford
July 5, 2014

You are cordially invited to attend the 2014 American Flat Track Worlds in Edgewood, Washington home of the 2014 USRA Nationals held this past April

Classes & Race Schedule:
Friday 7/24 ($15.00 Entry Fee)
7:00 PM Nascar

Saturday 7/25 ($20.00 Entry Fee per class)
10:00 AM LMP

Sunday 7/26 ($25.00 Entry Fee per class)
10:00 AM 1/32 Eurosport
1/24 Eurosport

Run 5 or more classes and receive a 10% entry fee discount

1 Hour between classes, track will be open for next class to race only.

AMCA Rules

Spring Drag Racing Points Series 2014 Results

By: jradford
May 30, 2014

Congratulations to the winners of the 2014 Spring Drag Racing Points Series

1st Dale Schmidt
2nd Dave Collins
3rd Doug Jones

Pro Bracket:
1st Chris West
2nd Dan Sullivan
3rd Doug Jones

.990 Index
1st Dave Collins
2nd Dale Schmidt
3rd Larry Altmayer

Full results are on our point series page

Introducing the Hillclimb Track

By: jradford
May 2, 2014

We have been hard at work, in preperation for the USRA Nationals held in April we replaced “The Chief” (Our modified Blue King) with a new Track, The Hillclimb. This track was built in 1987 by Hasse for West Seattle Speedway & Hobby and features longer straights and more banking than our Flat Track for high speed fun. The track is approximately 137′ in length. We fully refurbished the track including a new surface, new paint, new striping and braid. We put in the extra effort to convert the sections to Tongue & Groove and the track is now braided in sections for easy diss assembly and assembly in the future. We have rebuilt the drivers panel to allow better visibility in all corners from each drivers station.

Race management and scoring is powered by Lapmaster, now a standard on all of our tracks and allows semi-automated race management and as a bonus publishes live races and historical results to our website.

Hasse Hillclimb Slot Car Track

Hasse Hillclimb Slot Car Track

2014 USRA National Championships Race Results

By: jradford
May 1, 2014

A huge thanks goes to all the participants of the 2014 USRA National Championship race held in April at Pacific Slot Car Raceways in Edgewood, Washington. Diane and I appreciate all the support we received from the racers around the world and we sincerely hope everyone had a great time.

Pictures were taken throughout the event and can be found in our photo gallery. Tony Moore also took some spectacular photos which can be found here and here.

_DSC4267.JPG _DSC4268.JPG _DSC4269.JPG

Nothing better than dinner with 25 of your friends from around the US and Brazil to start the event.

It was decided to invite everyone to the Crab Pot in Seattle for a Seafood feast, nothing like having dinner with 25 of your friends from all around the US and Brazil

Results for JRL on the Twister Sponsored by

The race field consisting of 26 Entries 4 (A – D) Mains


Concours Winner Luiz “Gugu” Bernardino


Top Qualifier was Greg Gilbert setting a new track record with a 4.369 second lap


Your podium Paul Gawronski (Left) 2nd place, Greg Gilbert (Middle) 1st, Bob Everett (right) 3rd place

Full results for JRL are available here

Results for LMP on the Hillclimb Sponsored by JK Products

The race field consisting of 34 Entries, 5 (A – E) Mains


Concours Winner Earl McCutcheon


Top Qualifier Paul Gawronski with a fast time of 4.283 seconds


Paul Gawronski (Center) Takes the win, Justin Colvin (Left) in 2nd and Jay Kisling (Right) in 3rd place

Full results for LMP are here

Results for GTP on the Twister Sponsored by Precision Slot Cars

A field of 39 Entries in GTP, 5 (A – E) Mains

_DSC4342.JPG _DSC4341.JPG

Vance Oathout from Boise Idaho was your concours winner


Greg Gilbert was the Top Qualifier with a fast lap of 3.743 seconds.


L-R Bob Everett (2nd), Greg Gilbert (1st), Justin Colvin (3rd)

Full results for the GTP race can be found here

Results for 4″ Stock Car on the Twister Sponsored by Eagle Distributing

A field of 27 entrants, 4 (A-D) Mains

_DSC4361.JPG _DSC4362.JPG

Earl McCutcheon took the Concours win


The Top Qualifier was Jonathan Forsyth with a blazing fast single qualification lap of 4.5 seconds


L-R Justin Colvin (2nd), Jonathan Forsyth (1st), Paul Gawronski (3rd)

Full results for the 4″ Stock Car race can be found here

Results for Amateur GT-12 on the Twister Sponsored by Koford Engineering

A field of 27 Amateur Entries, 4 (A-D) Mains

_DSC4370.JPG _DSC4371.JPG

Concours Winner Rick Dodge


Top Qualifier Jason Hooper


Podium L-R Shawn Sweeney (2nd), Jay Herrod (1st), Leonard Strand (3rd)

Full results for the Amateur GT-12 race can be found here

Results for Expert GT-12 on the Twister Sponsored by Koford Engineering

24 Expert GT-12 Entries, 3 (A-C) Mains

_DSC4377.JPG _DSC4376.JPG

Justin Colvin wins Concours


Greg Gilbert is the Top Qualifier with a single lap time of 3.8 seconds


Podim (L-R) Greg Gilbert (2nd), Paul Gawronski (1st), Alex Leite (3rd)

Full results for the Amateur GT-12 race can be found here

Below please check out "YOU TUBE" videos of racing Gp 10 on the Twister plus Dan and Rob explaining some of the cars and classes we run.
In memory of our dear friend and fellow racer Rob McCuistion 1957 - 2012

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