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Friday Night Nascar Results

By: Aaron Roed
April 11, 2017

15 racers were on hand this past Friday night for the weekly Nascar race. Cora and Mark Nelson were back after some time away. It’s always good to have them at the raceway.

6 amateurs lined up for their main, would this be the night that Dick steps up and knocks Jim Nelson off the top step of the podium? Nope, not this week! Jim led from start to finish in this one. Eli ran a solid second, and Dick finished third. Cora Nelson finished in fourth, Red and White lane was her downfall. I blame the guy setting her car up more than anything else!

A 9 man round robin was run for the expert group. 4 different racers led at some point, and there were 5 lead changes. Myself, Tim Burgess, Lee Gilbert, and Leonard Strand were all within a couple laps of each other headed into the eighth segment. My thought process is to push, but make sure that I am not over driving the car, give myself a chance in the final segment, and maybe someone will make a mistake and take themselves out of contention during this segment. Leonard and I think a lot alike when we are in these situations, and both had the same thought of working together to catch the top 2. Through racing Eurosports, this strategy did not have to be communicated, we both knew what the other was thinking.

Segment 9 was complex as well. Lee had finished his race after the eighth segment, and put up a strong lap total. I was 3/4 of a lap behind Tim, and Lenny was less than 2 laps behind us. So now what? How am I going to win this race? Whats Timmy thinking? Keep track of what Leonard is doing. How many laps do I need to catch Lee who has finished his race? These are things going through my mind before the final segment starts. I know at this point grip it and rip it is about my only chance. Timmy is going all out, I know that, and Lee has forced us to go all out in hopes of reaching his lap total. Me and Tim had a side by side battle for a majority of the final segment until a wreck in front of him collected his car. Not much he could do as it happened right in front of him. My grip it and rip method actually worked for once! What a finish as the top 3 were separated by less than half a lap. Leonard was right there just a few laps behind as well.

A full weekend of racing continues this week starting with the Friday night Nascar class at 7pm. We come back on Saturday for 4 classes of racing starting at 1pm.

Series Race This Saturday April 15th

By: Aaron Roed
April 10, 2017

Series racing picks up again this weekend starting at 1pm on Saturday.

Full Weekend Of Racing

By: Aaron Roed
March 29, 2017

Friday night kicked off 5 classes of slot car racing that was run this past weekend. 14 racers were there for Nascar night.
The amateur division has really tightened up in the last month. Eli, Dick, and Crazy J have had themselves some really close races, and this week was no exception. Coming into the final segment, Jim and Dick were tied for the lead, with Eli 3 laps back and headed to Black. The 2 leaders got to racing each other and forgot all about ol’ Eli who snuck in there at the end to take the win. Jim and Dick finished side by side for second and third place. Way to go Eli!

The expert race was dominated by Tim Burgess from start to finish, although me and Clemans had a good race for second, we had nothing for Timmy this week. That was that.

Saturday virtually everybody was back for 4 classes of racing.

LMP was really close, with 3 laps separating the top 3. Bill Clemans won the race, I was second, and Doug Yarbrough was 3rd. Atta boy to Jim Nelson who is an amateur, but finished 4th overall and set a personal distance record.

Group 10 had 3 racers separated by just 3 laps at the end. I won the race ahead of Clemans and Doug Yarbrough. Chris Alden was TQ.

GT12 was a wreckfest. Clemens won the race, I finished 2nd, and Lenny Strand was 3rd. 7 racers qualified within a tenth of each other, and nobody was really all that fast this month

1/24 ES was won by me. Timmy finished 2nd, and Len in 3rd place. We had 7 racers including Doug with a new car. Even Ian Guy made it out for this race. It certainly was fun racing with Ian again.

*Special thanks to Jim Nelson who volunteers his time each month to turn marshall for us after his LMP race. Clemans, and Fonn Guiher also helped with the Euro race as well.

Another Close Finish!

By: Aaron Roed
March 16, 2017

14 racers made it in for the Friday night Nascar race.
The amateur group lined up 6 determined racers for their main. Jim Nelson bounced back from a poor run the week before and took the win. Eli continues to make some strong runs, but had to settle for second place. Third place went to 9 year old Piper Clark, who by the way had the highest actual/potential % of the race. Way to go Piper!! Seems she has figured out that consistency is her strategy to working her way to the front of the pack.

The expert group had 8 racers. Tim, Len, Lee, and myself all took turns leading this race. Timmy found trouble mid way through, and a badly damaged body took him out of contention. Coming into the final heat, Lee and myself were on the same lap. I was headed to Orange, and Lee to White. Advantage me! Well, the old man ripped off some really fast laps on White, made no mistakes, and held on to win by half a lap.

The last 2 expert races have had a combined margin of victory of half a lap, and Lee Gilbert has won them both. Do yourself a favor and come in on Friday night for some fun, and competitive slot car racing. Racing starts every Friday night at 7pm.

March Series Race postponed 1 Week

By: Aaron Roed

The March series race will happen on Saturday March 25th, not this weekend.

March 3rd Race Report

By: Aaron Roed
March 10, 2017

Elisha Pile put together a nice race report for the Friday night stock car race on March 3rd.

Right before the Amateur Race, Elisha lost his solder-on pinion gear. Tim Burgess quickly tossed him a loaner. Bad luck turned into good look as Elisha took the lead in the first heat and held on to it through all eight heats. Jim Nelson came in second with Dick Pitiglaiano in third. Piper finished just ahead of Lance, and Nathanael bent an axle in the middle race, but Jim Radford quickly helped him recover and finish the race.

With Dan Parris back assisting as Race Director, the Expert Race was set for excitement. Fred Klinger found a hot motor and his car was a rocket making his TQ at 4.541 look effortless. Tim Burgess took the lead in the first heat and held it through the seventh heat, but Lee was close behind the entire race, and when power shut off at the end of Heat 8, Lee was ahead of Tim by about an inch and a half. Fred’s rocket had a rough first heat, but he persevered, worked his way back through the pack and finished in third just three laps behind Lee and Tim.

Clemans And J. Nelson Pick Up Wins

By: Aaron Roed
March 2, 2017

Amateur hot shoe Jim Nelson added to his win total in the amateur division of the weekly Friday night stock car program. Dick keeps increasing his lap total, and in a few weeks, may be pushing Jim for the top spot. Don’t sleep on Eli, as he is in the process of updating his car, and could be in the mix for some wins shortly.

The expert group had another really good race this week. On the car ride home I can’t help but to take a few minutes and think about different things that happened over the course of the race. Sometimes you just don’t do very well, occasionally bad luck prevents you from finishing well, and other times a really good driver comes with a good car and prevents you from winning the race. That was the case this week as nobody could run with Bill, especially on Black and Purple. Lap totals are starting to creep back up a little, as both Bill and Tim have had 295 lap runs. Is 300 on the horizon again?

Weekend Wrap Up

By: Aaron Roed
February 22, 2017

If you ran all 5 classes this weekend, you ran close to 2,000 competitive laps! On track racing activities started Friday night with the Nascar group. 14 racers were in the building.
Jim Nelson would continue his winning ways in the amateur class, as he continues to fine tune his driving and building skills for an eventual move up to the expert class. Dick ran second in this race, and crowd favorite Piper Clark was third.
The experts had 11 racers, Timmy was the eventual winner, but Leonard Strand kept the heat on the entire race.

Saturday started with LMP’s. The race featured cars slamming into the roll up door, and one guy split his spur gear in half, with splinters of wood from the bathroom wall embedded into the gear. Rick Dodge tied the distance record, and picked up the victory.

Group 10- I was able to win the race ahead of Chris Alden. Not nearly as much crashing in this one.

GT12- With limited turn marshals the guys ran super clean up until the last segment. Hard racing, and perhaps a little payback provided an eventful final heat. Rick was the winner, but may need a new body for the next race.

1/24 ES- 6 racers made the start, including a sleep deprived Jeff Sweeney. In what was perhaps the most competitive race of the day, Rick won AGAIN by 5 laps over me. The race was pretty clean, and the leaders set a quick pace. Tire wear seemed to be more of an issue this month for some reason.

Racing resumes this Friday night at 7pm with the Nascar class.

Friday Night Race Results

By: Aaron Roed
February 8, 2017

14 racers took part in this week’s Friday night Nascar race.
Picking up his first win was Dick Pitigliano! Using a Speedshop built car, with a cool Italian flag paint scheme by Tim Burgess, I am sure he looked mighty fine on top of the podium. Coming in a close second was Fonn Guiher, and third went to Jim Nelson, who looked like he might have had a little trouble on Purple lane. 2 new racers joined this class tonight, Warren, and Rory Friel. Warren had the highest actual/potential % for this class. That is a great first step to running upfront.

The expert class had 9 racers, including Dale Olive who came out of hibernation for the night. Dale had the highest actual/potential % for the race, but he had no other option as he was REALLY slow!!
Lee won the race ahead of Burgess, and Len Strand. The target is squarely(not sure if that is a word) on Lee’s back, as he has won 2 or 3 of these races in a row.
All joking aside, glad to see Dale back at the track. He has won a ton of Friday night races, and when he is not on his phone he always has a fun story to tell.

Series Race This Saturday January 21st

By: Aaron Roed
January 17, 2017

Series racing will resume this Saturday the 21st at 1pm with the 4 classes that are always run. As always the Nascar class will race at 7pm on Friday night.

An even dozen racers came out for last Friday nights Nascar race and treated themselves to some really, really good slot car racing! There were also 2 first time racers in the amateur class, Jeff Pierce, and Bruce Wolfe. Both guys did exceptional in their maiden voyage on the Twister.

Below please check out "YOU TUBE" videos of racing Gp 10 on the Twister plus Dan and Rob explaining some of the cars and classes we run.
In memory of our dear friend and fellow racer Rob McCuistion 1957 - 2012

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