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Pacific Slot Car Raceways announces 16 & under racing for a phenominal deal on Wednesday nights

check out this great deal: We will be having our lowest priced cars "Womp - Womp's" racing on the front track, the red Ogilvie made HILLCLIMB every Wednesday evening at 6 PM.

These cars cost from 31 to 41 dollars & are just a BLAST to race and VERY economical to maintain

And the BEST part is that your racing entry fee is ONLY $2.00 WOW !!!!! that two dollar entry fee includes 1 hour of practice time from 5pm to 6 pm to get ready to race plus an entire 8 heat race with 3 minutes in each of the 8 lanes on the track with computerized scoring and we provide controllers for FREE to anyone that does not have their own controller, WOW! . We have cars alone in a variety of body styles and colors plus a great Starter kit that includes: a Womp Womp car and Parma Sebring controller plus a pit box and oil, extra braid and decals. Tell your friends that you can beat them racing at PSCR Wednesday nights = see you there

 Womps   February 9th   9 & under  plus 10 & over divisions

On this night we raced womps on the 135 foot Yellow Twister which is flat and has more voltage so it was tough at first for all our young racers but they all overcame and did a GREAT JOB !!
We had thirteen entries in the two age divisions
The twister is a tough but rewarding flat track of national caliber
Parents get in the action and results watching  lots of fun by all
Several new racers tonight plus a surprise Peyton of the
9 and under age division was on rails and took the overall win !!
Madison Roed       Peyton Holshouser                 Alex Wick
  104 laps              137 laps (overall winner)       104 laps
           9 and under age division podium winners
Brandon Colson             Chase Walton        Christopher LaCroix
 108 laps (converted drag racer)       119 laps                    110 laps
          10 and over age division podium winners

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