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Retro also known as Vintage cars are slot cars built in the spirit of the same cars that existed in the 60's but updated with todays technology in design and manufacturing. Not only do these cars look cool but they are very easy to drive.
There has been some interest in racing these types of cars locally so we're planning on racing two classes:
Formula 1
These cars are hand built sometimes from scratch using only brass and piano wire. We now have in stock several modern chassis kits and bodies for both of the above classes.
Note that these cars must be built and take considerable time, talent and effort, we currently do not offer any Retro cars in RTR form.
Innaugural Race:
We will hold our first Retro Race on Saturday December 31st
Track Opens: 12:00
Tech Closes: 1PM
We will race Formula 1 on the Chief
followed by Can-Am on the Twister
We will be (loosely) following IRRA Rules as published here

Pacific Slot Car Raceways
2908 Meridian Ave. E #104
Edgewood, WA 98371
(253) 446-5039