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Tue/Wed/Thur/Fri: 3PM - 9PM
Saturday: Noon - 10 PM
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Weekly Race Schedule
 Drag Racing 7PM
Wednesday (Sep - May)
 Kid's Womp Racing 6PM
 Nascar 7 PM
Scale Series
 3PM 1st & 3rd Sat.
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Rob McCuistion
Rob McCusition 1957-2011
Rob opened the Raceway in October 2009 and with the help of a dedicated staff of volunteers built it into what it is today. Sadly Rob died in a single car accident on February 24th 2011. Robs influence and passion for the hobby remains with us always. Rob was a great friend, a fierce competitor and great inspiration to all that were lucky enough to know him. We are all grateful for the time we were able to spend with this great man.
Jeff Sweeney
Jeff Sweeney
The one word that describes Jeff the best is Focused. He is the go-to guy when something needs to be done. He takes care of track preparation and delights in the opportunity to put on a demonstration for a customer with one of his finely tuned race cars from his stable of many.  Jeff races in all forms of the sport, Scale, Drag and occasionally we get him to race in our Wing program.
Jim Radford
Jim's introduction to slot car racing came during his teenage years at Speedway & Hobby Too in Kent Washington. This is also where he first met Rob McCuistion. Jim takes care of order processing and the online store. Jim occasionally races in the wing and scale programs but wing car racing is his passion. He enjoys building and it was once said that to truly appreciate his cars you had to turn them over. Jim enjoys computer programming, scuba diving and slot cars
Diane McCuistion
Diane McCuistion
Diane is involved primarily in the financial aspects of the raceway in addition to her participation in the kids racing program. She is an adventurer, mom and always has useful insight into ideas and challenges facing the raceway. She is also tries to get carrots and health food stocked in the vending machines. 

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