Summer Hours
Sun/Mon: Closed
Tue/Wed/Thur/Fri: 3PM - 9PM
Saturday: Noon - 10 PM
Online Shopping 24/7

Weekly Race Schedule
 Drag Racing 7PM
Wednesday (Sep - May)
 Kid's Womp Racing 6PM
 Nascar 7 PM
Scale Series
 3PM 1st & 3rd Sat.
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  1. Profanity or abusive language will not be tolerated. The race director will enforce this rule. See Penalties
  2. Repair on cars is allowed during the race Except when in a round robin race where a driver is occupying a sit-out position.
  3. Fluids of any kind are not allowed over the track surface
  4. Track calls:
    1. Braid up
    2. Power failure (one or all lanes)
    3. Debris in slot
    4. Unmarshalable car
    5. Lap counter or track equipment failure
    6. Rider (Car in other than assigned lane)
  5. Braid may be reset and bodies straightened during track calls. Track calls are NOT work breaks
  6. If you race, you must turn marshal! Turn marshals may be assigned to corners by the Race Director
  • Failure to follow any results may result in
    • First Infraction: A Verbal Warning
    • Second Infraction: 5 Lap Penalty
    • Repeated Infractions: Disqualification
The Race director has final discretion and authority over penalties.



  • All cars must resemble full sized race cars with three numbers and a scale painted interior with driver.
  • All cars must be painted so that the chassis is not visible. Wheel wells front and rear must remain clear or cut out. Exception; when real car raced with rear wheel skirts.
  • Wing, spoiler and diaplane restrictions are as per current USRA Rules


  • Motor may be notched for axle clearance.


  • 1/24 Classes: No car may exceed 3.25 inches excluding body pins.


  • For all classes, the minimum track clearance of chassis, gear, and motor is .062" (1.58mm). No parts may drag. Guide flag/Braid and front and rear tires are exempt from this rule.
  • No other restrictions.


  • All tires must be black in color.
  • Front wheels may be mounted on bodies.
  • Any width front wheels allowed, unless otherwise noted.


  • All classes must use only one guide.


  • All classes may use "earring clips" to secure lead wires.


  • Open.


  • Lead may be used to ballast cars.
20 Point System
  • Points are awarded on a 20 point system. In each class, first place gets 20 points, second 19, third 18 down to 0. Concourse winners in each class receive an additional 2 points. The three top qualifiers receive points as well. 3 points for TQ, 2 points for 2nd fastest time, 1 point for third fastest time.
Grand Champion
  • The Grand Champion award is given to the racer for an event or series where the racers total points in the specified class or classes are the highest. The classes are decided before the series or event begins.


Group F

  1. Car must weigh a minimum 80 grams

  1. Only TSRF or JK “Falcon”
  2. No modifications are allowed.
  3. Motor may be soldered into chassis.


  1. Chassis must be made of Brass and Piano Wire.
  2. Only bushings allowed - no ball bearings.
  3. Pans may be solid or floating
  4. Front axle is not required.
  5. Front wheels must be at least 1/2 inch (.500") diameter and rotate, front wheels must be able to touch track. Sticker fronts are not allowed.
  6. Rear tire width may not exceed .810".
  7. No other modifications allowed.
Box Stock 12 Amateur
Box Stock 12 Expert
Group 27 Light
One Motor Open 
  1. The Above listed classes follow the 2010 USRA National Rulebook with the following differences:
    • No Restriction on Armature Diameter
    • No Restriction on Magnets other than material cobalt or rare earth is allowed for cobtalt classes, ceramic material for Box Stock 12 only
  2. All classes will be ran in Spray Glue Only

Pacific Slot Car Raceways
2908 Meridian Ave. E #104
Edgewood, WA 98371
(253) 446-5039