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Series Opener Saturday October 21st

By: Aaron Roed
October 19, 2017

Full weekend of racing starts on Friday night with the Nascar class. Lee Gilbert will try to make it 2 in a row in the expert class. Interesting note, there have now been 5 different winners in the last 5 weeks. The amateur class has new faces almost weekly. Christian Parsons was the winner last week.

There has been a lot of interest in the series opener, especially the amateur LMP class. I think there is a good chance 8+racers show up for the amateur LMP race. Racing starts at 1pm, and if you are in need of some help stop in on Friday night for Nascar night, or well before racing on Saturday. There are a lot of racers more than willing to help in any way they can.

Leonard Strand Wins On Friday Night

By: Aaron Roed
October 10, 2017

11 racers made it out to the track this past Friday night. Racing got underway with the amateur group as 5 racers lined up for their main. New racer David Parsons won the race by 10 laps ahead of Fonn Guiher. Another newcomer, Steven Daskam finished in the third position. David and his son take turns with driving duties from week to week. Both of them do a really good job of staying out of wrecks, and driving within their current limits.

The expert class had 6 racers this week. 3 different racers led at different times during the race. The last 4 segments belonged to Leonard Strand, as he out drove all of us and won the race. Congrats Lenny on a well earned victory! I finished in the 2nd spot, and Timmy was third. The 3 of us finished within two laps of each other.
There is a lot of parity right now in the expert class, there have been 4 different winners in the last 4 weeks.

Series racing gets going again on Saturday October 21st at 1pm. There is only 1 rule change and that is in the LMP class. We will begin using the Proslot PS4002FK motor. This is the same motor we use in the Friday night Nascar class. I have an extra LMP car if anybody wants to try out some LMP racing.

Slot Car Racing News October 5th

By: Aaron Roed
October 5, 2017

Series racing begins Saturday October 21st. There was some talk about a few rule changes. As always, its best to call the shop to get full clarity on any changes.

In the Nascar class on Friday night, Keith Bare walked away from the field in the amateur class, winning by 8 laps. Fonn Guiher finished 2nd, and Dick grabbed the last podium spot in third place.

Again, another close race in the expert class. Tim Burgess was able to hang right with Jim Radford most of the race. When it mattered the most, Jimmy was able to gap Timmy a bit in the final segment, winning by a comfortable 2 lap advantage. Finishing a strong 3rd was Leonard Strand, who seems to find himself on the podium each and every week. It looks like Lee’s race ended abruptly in the middle stages of the event.

Racing continues this Friday night at 7pm with the Nascar class.

What A Finish!!

By: Aaron Roed
September 19, 2017

Both the amateur race and the expert race came down to the last seconds of the race. I am still not quite sure who won the amateur race, but what I do know is that both racers involved in the fight to the finish had a great time afterwards discussing their race, and having a lot of laughs in doing so. Congratulations Keith and Dick on an amazing race. It was fun to watch both of you trade the lead multiple times during the race.
There was a new racer in the class tonight, and my sub par journalism skills have led me to forget his name, but he was really strong for being a beginner. You can just tell that he already “gets it”.

The expert race was decided by about 6 ft. between myself and Lee Gilbert. Both of us finished up on lanes that we enjoy running. I was on Black, and Lee on White. Though I would never admit it to Lee, I felt the heat the entire segment. Fortunately for me, I was able to hold on for the win. Lee was second, and Leonard Strand was close the whole race finishing in 3rd position.

The track was loose, and lap totals reflected that by being down 3-4 laps from where they usually are. In the last 2-3 months we have switched motors. This has led to some really tight racing as each Pro Slot sealed motor is really close speed wise.

Race Recap Sept. 8th

By: Aaron Roed
September 14, 2017

14 racers were at the raceway this past Friday. We had 7 amateurs, and 7 experts.
The amateur race was won by Dick, who was making his return to the raceway after a couple months off. Pre-race favorite Rory Friel broke on the first lap and was forced to watch this race on the sidelines. Keith Bare has a completely updated car for this week, and is certain to be racing with the leaders. Look for Rory to bounce back from last week, and Dick is as solid as ever.

Close racing is the name of the game in the expert class. Going into the final heat, Lenny Strand held a 1/2 lap lead over myself and Tim Burgess, Lee was a couple laps behind us. I ate it early in the segment, which left the battle for the top spot between Tim and Len. Timmy had to hold up for a few wrecks, and Len found himself caught up in a wreck handing the lead back to me. At the end, the 3 of us were separated by just 1/4 of a lap, and Lee was less than a full lap behind us.

Nascar racing happens every night at 7pm, and is over before 9pm. Entry into the race is just $6, which includes an hour or so of free practice time before the race. There is a class for racers just starting out, and a class for expert racers. Typically there are between 12-20 racers on any given Friday night ranging from 8-80 years old. It is a hobby you can enjoy with your wife, son, daughter, grandchildren, whomever enjoys great entertainment at a racer friendly price.

Race Results From Sept. 1st

By: Aaron Roed
September 5, 2017

The Nascar group was back at it again this past Friday night. An even dozen racers made it to the raceway, including a handful of people we have not seen in awhile. It was great to see Keith Bare, Hazel, and Fonn Guiher racing again. Fonn had a car for his new son in law to use, and it seems he may be hooked! We were missing a couple regulars, but I am confident they will be back soon!!

The amateur class had 7 racers line up for their main. Rory Friel took full advantage of Jim Nelson taking a night off, and cruised to victory. There was a good battle for 2nd place between Fonn and Keith. I do believe Keith ended up in 2nd.

The expert class was a little light with 5 entries. Coming off a back and forth race the week before with Lee, we continued our battle this week. Only this time there was a new player. The ageless Lenny Strand meant business this week, and made it a three way fight for the win. The track was tricky this week as each lane felt different. Fortunately I ended my race on Red, and based off practice knew it would be pretty fast. I was able to hold on for the win just ahead of Lee and Leonard. The Alden brothers are just a touch off, but I fully expect them to find the speed in their cars soon.

Nascar Racing continues this Friday night at 7pm. It was a little lonely in the pit area this week. Hopefully my pit buddies will make it back this week!

Nascar Racing This Friday Night!!

By: Aaron Roed
August 24, 2017

Racing has been going strong the entire Summer, with double digit entries most nights.
Hall Of Fame amateur racer Jim Nelson has been on top of his game lately, but Rory Friel continues to chip away at his margin of victory. I think Rory is ready to take the next step forward and really apply some pressure to Jim.

In the expert class, there has been some close racing as usual. Roman Ruiz was strong in his last race, and would have had a shot at the win if it were not for an issue early in the race.

Racing starts at 7pm every Friday night.

Looking Back At The 2013 Flats!

By: Aaron Roed
July 8, 2017

The annual American Flat Track Worlds is exactly one week away. Racing begins on Friday night July 14th at 7pm with the Nascar class. We then come back for racing on both Saturday and Sunday.

Each year I like to go back 5 years and post results from the Flats. I could not find the results from 2012, so I will skip ahead a year and take a look at 2013.

A Retro race broke out Thursday night on the Bullring. Though not part of the flats schedule, 13 racers entered this race.
Dustyn Wade (ID) was TQ at a 4.89
1. Tom Hansen
2. Dale Olive
3. Dustyn Wade (Id)
4. Aaron Roed
5. Justin Colvin (Ca)

Friday night we moved to the Twister for some Nascar racing.
24 entries
Jim Radford TQ 4.65
1. Jim Radford
2. Justin Colvin (Ca)
3. Aaron Roed
4. Jay Herrod (Ca)
5. Dale Olive

Saturday got under way with the JRL class up first.
18 entries
Jim Radford TQ 4.39
1. Jim Radford
2. Yakima Phil
3. Herman James (Ca)
4. Aaron Roed
5. Fred Hood (Ca)

Next up was LMP
30 entries
Jim Radford TQ 4.13
1. Bill Clemans (won by 15 laps)
2. Tom Hansen
3. Aaron Roed
4. Shawn Sweeney
5. Yakima Phil

Group 10 was the last class run for the day.
26 entries
Lee Gilbert TQ 3.72
1. Jim Radford
2. Aaron Roed
3. Jay Herrod (Ca)
4. Gary Johnson
5. Lee Gilbert

Sunday started with 1/32 ES
10 entries
Justin Colvin (Ca) TQ 4.01
1. Justin Colvin (Ca)
2. George Russell (Ca)
3. Dan Sullivan
4. Herman James (Ca)
5. Todd Flammer

GT 12 was up next
24 entries
Dale Olive TQ 3.48
1. George Russell (Ca)
2. Jim Radford
3. Yakima Phil
4. Chris Everett
5. Gary Johnson

The last race of the weekend was 1/24 ES
19 entries
George Russell (Ca) TQ 3.09 track record to this day!
1. George Russell (Ca)
2. Aaron Roed
3. Len Strand
4. Jim Radford
5. Dan Sullivan

Not to sound like a schmuck, but I was the overall champion of the 2013 Flats in a tight battle with Radford. A brand new 3rd eye Fet 2 controller was generously given to the winner by Howard Smith, owner of 3rd Eye. It is the controller I use every week for every class I run!!

I am looking forward to the 2017 flats. I hope you can make it!!

Weekly Racing News June 22nd

By: Aaron Roed
June 22, 2017

The final series race was held on June 17th. Congrats to the winners of each class.
Jim Alden      Lmp
Yakima Phil  Group 10
Tim Burgess GT12, and a new track record at 3.38 (maybe that’s enough incentive to pry Bob Everett away from Soap Box Derby Cars)
Jim Radford 1/24 ES (from the b main)

The flats are 3 short weeks away! If you are not familiar with this event, it is a 3 day race weekend, Fri-Sun, and we race 7 different classes of cars. Points are accumulated from the 5 classes that have the most entries, and the overall champion receives a pie from Costco in their face, along with some high fives from fellow competitors. This event is being held July 14-16th.

This race usually draws racers from up and down the west coast. I have heard 2016 1/24 ES national champion Rick Linn will be racing, along with Herman James who is always up front. Last years winner of the 1/24 ES race at the flats Rick Dodge, and Third Eye Technology owner Howard Smith have also been rumored to make this race.

Below, Dick has written a piece about the amateur Nascar race that was run last Friday night. My contribution is this: Tim Burgess kicked our butts in the expert race… the end!

Aaron has decided to let me cover the amateur class on occasion; it helps ease the pain of being a constant “also ran” in that class. This sport is not nearly as easy as lots of folks think. It takes lots of practice to be competitive, but its loads of fun.. So if you think you got the stuff, come on down Friday nights and check it out.
This week was not much different than most with “The Amateur King “Jim, posting another big win.
It seems the only way we might beat him is if he doesn’t show up. This week he dang near didn’t. He started off with his usual four to six lap lead going onto the fourth heat. All of a sudden he had a brain fade and hooked up to the wrong lane in heat five. That gave the rest of us a chance to make up some very valuable laps. Dick was able to get within one lap before Jim got it all figured out, and once again a smile formed on Dicks face.
Rory had some bad luck and was forced out. That’s a shame because he is beginning to move up on the lap count a few laps a week. He is coming, and coming hard. He is scaring me a little bit.
That left “The King”, Dick and Warren to duke it out for the finish. Dicks smile faded as he watched a now angry Jim drive with a renewed Passion. In the end Dick once again let the red lane bring him down with a few missed turns, and he only posted 263 laps. Warren managed 237 and continues to move up the lap ladder along with Rory. “The King “somehow managed 268 laps for the win. And that’s missing a third of the fourth heat. Final results:
Jim—-268 laps
Dick—263 laps
Warren 237 laps
Rory—120 laps

Close Racing On Friday Night

By: Aaron Roed
June 12, 2017

Close racing in the Friday night Nascar class is typical, and this week was no exception! Dick wrote a piece about the amateur race which can be found below, and I will talk a little about the expert race.

In this weeks expert race, Tim Burgess was fast time at a 4.53. Chris Alden was very strong this week, leading the first 2 segments. Timmy would take the lead midway through the race after recovering from a few early race incidents. As we headed into the 8th and final segment, Tim had a 3 car length lead on me. He was finishing his race on Orange, and I was on Blue. I tried so hard to try and get ahead of him before the start of the final segment, but I couldn’t make it happen.

Tim hustles a slot car around the Twister as well as anyone, and when time ran out I was only about 8 feet in front of him for the win. Close racing with really good racers like Tim is why I keep coming week after week. Len Strand finished in third, just a few laps behind us.

Friday was a real fun night for the amateur guys . All drivers (including amateurs) had to qualify. That’s kinda fun but also a little embarrassing for us novice drivers excluding Jim of course, he gets in the 4.7s. That’s getting close to the big boys.

The race that was the most fun was the novice class. As I said, we all had to qualify. Jim is getting real close to the expert guys turning in a 4.7. Dick somehow got very lucky and posted a 4.9. Rory got a 5.2 and warren managed a 5.7.
With the Warren brothers back we made it a four man race for amateur.

The fun stuff started when Jim blew everybody away lap after lap for the first five heats. He was about five laps ahead of second place when we all started smelling a very familiar odor. It was a motor frying! By the sweat rolling off Jims face, we knew it was him. Dick began to dance just a bit and could not conceal the grin spreading across his face. It was a chance, a small one but a chance (Hey a win is a win). Leading by several laps, Jim was able to slow down a bit to try and save what was left of his motor. He spent most of the time between heats blowing frantically on the motor trying to cool it off some. So much in fact he almost didn’t get back to the drivers stand in time to start some heats. Dick was able to make up a lap or so each heat and got within two laps, all the while praying for that scream of a dying motor all drivers hate. The scream never came, that, with a couple of nerve induced crashes gave Jim the win by two laps, Proving Dick still has a way to go to beat the “King of Amateur” even with half a motor Jims still got it.
The Warren brothers meanwhile were in a battle for third with Rory finally taking that spot. These guys continue to improve and with some more practice they will join the battle to take down Jim.

Below please check out "YOU TUBE" videos of racing Gp 10 on the Twister plus Dan and Rob explaining some of the cars and classes we run.
In memory of our dear friend and fellow racer Rob McCuistion 1957 - 2012

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