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March 3rd Race Report

2017-03-10 22:39:38

Elisha Pile put together a nice race report for the Friday night stock car race on March 3rd.

Right before the Amateur Race, Elisha lost his solder-on pinion gear. Tim Burgess quickly tossed him a loaner. Bad luck turned into good look as Elisha took the lead in the first heat and held on to it through all eight heats. Jim Nelson came in second with Dick Pitiglaiano in third. Piper finished just ahead of Lance, and Nathanael bent an axle in the middle race, but Jim Radford quickly helped him recover and finish the race.

With Dan Parris back assisting as Race Director, the Expert Race was set for excitement. Fred Klinger found a hot motor and his car was a rocket making his TQ at 4.541 look effortless. Tim Burgess took the lead in the first heat and held it through the seventh heat, but Lee was close behind the entire race, and when power shut off at the end of Heat 8, Lee was ahead of Tim by about an inch and a half. Fred’s rocket had a rough first heat, but he persevered, worked his way back through the pack and finished in third just three laps behind Lee and Tim.

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